Semantic Tagging Passes an Inflection Point - Understanding Project Haystack

Tue. January 15| 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM | B311

Today’s equipment systems produce vast amounts of data. In order to utilize this data effectively to be useful to downstream applications like analytics, security compliance, work order tracking, and more, the data must include information to describe its meaning. Today, most operational data has very limited descriptive information requiring a manual, labor intensive process to "map" the data before value creation can begin. The practice of applying descriptive information to data is referred to as data semantics.

Since the ASHRAE announcement of BACnet/Haystack/Brick collaboration, there is a lot of movement on tagging among manufacturers. There is a mix in the level of tagging support each vendor now has for the Haystack library and the BACnet approach, but, there is no pushback regarding the need to support standardized tagging. They are either already doing it, or it is on their roadmap. They all understand this is where the industry is headed as the industry learns to utilize smart device data to reduce operating costs and create value for building owners and operators.

This session will introduce Project Haystack, the open-source initiative which is recognized as the most developed and deployed solution for “marking up” equipment system data. Examples of the use of data tagging in navigation, control, graphics, analytics, and reporting will be covered. The session will also include an overview of the work of the Project Haystack community to advance Haystack tagging as the "markup language" for device data.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Free Industry Sessions

Cost: FREE to all registered AHR Expo attendees



Petock, Marc

Marc Petock
Chief Marketing & Communications Manager
Lynxspring, Inc. (also Secretary, Project Haystack)

Petze, John

John Petze
Partner & Co-founder
SkyFoundry (also Executive Director, Project Haystack)