Customer Service is Not a Department, it is a Mindset

Mon. January 14| 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | B313b

Studies show that 70% of employees are actively disengaged at work, yet they continue to show up and collect their paychecks. Many just move through the motions, rarely considering how to go the extra mile or work autonomously. In this ever-changing world of meeting consumer expectations, it may seem a daunting task for employees to keep up with the demands of their positions. To help employees buy back into your business with newfound energy and dedication, you must teach them how to go above and beyond. In this session, you’ll learn the difference in providing good customer service vs. a great customer experience and how to shift that mindset. It isn’t just about answering the phone or sending a technician out to fix a problem; it is about being proactive in making genuine connections with others. You begin by empowering them with a set of 8 guiding behavioral and mental reconditioning principles that will be the foundation of taking your team to the next level of excellence in working with each other and WOW-ing your customers.

Level: Entry Level

Type: Free Industry Sessions

Cost: FREE to all registered AHR Expo attendees

Topic(s): Air Conditioning, Best Practices/Application Optimization, Heating, HVAC/R Systems & Equipment, Plumbing


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Erica Leonor
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