Next Generation HVAC Controls: Open Hardware – Open Software

Tue. January 15| 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM | B311

Truly open hardware and software is common in many industries but has only made relatively small inroads in the world of building automation where proprietary solutions still reign supreme. Open standards like BACnet enabled a revolution in open communications, but the vast majority of building automation software and hardware is still closed.

“The mass marketing of powerful micro PCs such as the Raspberry Pi brings low-cost computing power to technical professionals and hobbyists alike. Suitable for most field installations, they also provide an excellent training and experimental platform for individuals interested in controls and automation. Coupled with an open protocol in BACnet and an open programming language in Sedona, it only takes the imagination of the systems integrator to define the next generation controller.”

The rise of software focused building analytics solutions is shaping up to be a key driver of a shift to open source. Tools such as Volttron, UT3, ECAM+, and Grafana, just to name a few, are already making data much more accessible. These tools will start to become the basis for commercial products and services in much the same way that software like Linux and mySQL now provide the basis for many traditional IT systems.

There is a need to have low-cost access to BAS data to help engineers with building optimization. Having open source software with the core functionality we need has proven to be a more cost-effective and durable solution to our problems. This is a game changer for our industry and we’re only starting to see how embracing open source can lead to a tremendous boost in innovation, especially among those organizations with only modest resources at their disposal.

The new rapidly evolving open standards when coupled with open tagging ( using one API, and getting the data to and from the building in a standardized way will be discussed

The range of available today's (micro PCs) Raspberry, beagle boards, Dingo etc their potential for doing BAS control and deeper self-discovery mixing existing open standards together towards the goal of hardware agnostic controllers will be some of the evolving thoughts. The Project-Haystack Sandstar solution will be discussed.

A look into how open programming languages like Python, C, and Java are opening our world.

Evolving IoT trends like Voice and Video analytics will be mentioned. Although Amazon and Google are not open standards their open services are shaping our future. is very pleased to introduce this amazing panel of less that forty-year-olds for this new first ever education session for Atlanta a very interesting perspective on our future by those that are now creating it.

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Type: Free Industry Sessions

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Topic(s): Building Automation & Control, Building Design, Facility/Building Management, Standards, Guidelines & Codes, Trends



Nestov, Zach

Zach Nestov
Product Specialist
Contemporary Controls

Slater, Calvin

Calvin Slater
Senior Controls Engineer
Control Air Conditioning

Waern, Nicolas

Nicolas Waern
CEO of Nordic IoT

White, P.Eng, MASc, Brad

Brad White, P.Eng, MASc
SES Consulting, Inc.